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Watch This Video: It will give you crucial Information about how to protect you and your family when approached by law enforcement.

Since the terrorist attacks of 9-11, Muslims, Sikhs, Arabs and South Asians have endured particular scrutiny by law enforcement — and in some cases, questioning and searches that infringe fundamental rights at the core of the Constitution. In this climate, it is vital that members of our communities inform themselves about our rights as Americans.

Then, Take Action:

To change discriminatory policies, we first need to educate our fellow Americans about our experiences. Help stop racial and religious profiling. Take Action Today.

“As a former prosecutor, I know the protection of rights – of victims, witnesses and the accused – is central to the operation of our criminal justice system. Our American system works best when its principles — including the right to be free from arbitrary scrutiny — are respected. This video offers Muslims, and other law-abiding Americans, a welcome opportunity to learn how to effectively assert those rights even in situations when they might otherwise feel intimidated.”

—Vivek Chopra, former member of the “DC sniper” prosecution team

“Our justice system depends on all parties knowing and exercising their respective rights. While law enforcement authorities are obligated to understand the scope of their authority and its limits, all people, especially members of historically and recently marginalized communities, would be well-served to empower themselves with the same information. This video is one way to gain an understanding of the rights enjoyed by all Americans.”

—Alexander Busansky, former state and federal prosecutor