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Muslim Advocates has compiled a comprehensive list of strategic and legal resources at the national and state levels to assist you in starting a new charitable organization.

Where Should I Begin?

We recommend that you start with the strategic and national legal resources to help you consider threshold issues such as whether other organizations are doing the same or similar work in your community, whether you have a solid business plan to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization, and whether a new organization is the best way to accomplish your mission.

National Resources

What Do I Need to Know About Starting a Charity in My State?

After digesting the general national resources, delve into the state-level resources by clicking on the map below to learn about legal requirements for organizing and operating a charitable organization in your state, as well as local groups and resources that you may find helpful as you get started.  These resources will also prove helpful as your organization grows to ensure compliance with applicable state laws, regulations, and filing requirements.

State Resources


To report a broken link, or if you have any questions about starting a charity, please contact us.