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Muslim Advocates aims to strengthen the Muslim nonprofit sector by holding educational seminars across the United States. These seminars will cover how 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations can implement strong governance standards, comply with the law and improve financial accountability.

Can your organization, or an organization you know, benefit from a thorough discussion of nonprofit issues including employment law, new changes to IRS Form 990, and the best way to give money abroad? If so, and you are a mosque, school or another organization identified as a 501(c)(3), please join us at our next event!

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Previous seminars have been held in the following locations:

San Jose, CA    October 25, 2008
Irvine, CA    February 21, 2009
Elmhurst, IL    May 30, 2009
Houston, TX    October 31, 2009
New York, NY    March 6, 2010
Cincinnati, OH    September 25, 2010
Ft. Lauderdale-Davie, FL    April 16, 2011
Arlington, VA    September 29, 2012
Newark, CA    May 11, 2013
Dearborn, MI    December 14, 2013
Nashville, TN    April 12, 2014
Atlanta, GA    September 6, 2014
Fullerton, CA    December 6, 2014
Cambridge, MA    May 16, 2015

Testimonials from Attendees of Previous Seminars:

“Excellent schedule. The information is quite useful and necessary to operate a nonprofit organization.”
Hani Khairullah, Association of Islamic charitable Projects

“As an organization that assists the community, this information will help us improve our internal and external efforts and safeguard our assets. THANKS!”
Ameen Al Omar, Masjid Al Shareef

“I am very grateful to Muslim Advocates for this event. It as extremely beneficial.”
Shaykh Nomaan Ahmed Baig, Institute of Knowledge

“This was an excellent, informative and educational seminar. All presenters were great and did an excellent job with Q&A.
Issa edah-Tally, Islamic Center of Irvine

“Absolutely excellent presentation!”
Sajeda Sultani, Afghan-American Muslim Outreach, referring to the Financial Best Practices for 501(c)(3)s and Mosques panel

“This is the best seminar I have ever attended!”
Muhammad Khilji, CPA

Very informational and very much needed. Thank you very much for setting up a seminar that has been very beneficial to the community.
Sadia N. Quidwai, A New Journey Inc.