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Muslim Advocates Files Lawsuits About Electronic Privacy and Profiling Abuses at Borders and Airports

GRAPHIC that says "The Department of Homeland Security is hiding the truth. So we're suing."

This week, two lawsuits were filed in federal court to demand that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) release information about how federal officials have treated travelers who are Muslim or who are perceived to be Muslim at United States borders, including airports. The lawsuits highlight the numerous recent reports of individuals who are or are perceived to be Muslim having their electronic devices searched while traveling or having their trusted traveler status revoked without explanation.

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Muslim Advocates Mourns the Tragic Death of Trailblazing Jurist Sheila Abdus-Salaam

“This is a true loss for the state of New York and for the nation. It is not easy rising through a career in the public service all the way to New York’s highest court, especially for women, especially for Muslims, and especially for African Americans, but that didn’t stop Judge Abdus-Salaam from breaking through those barriers so that others may follow.”

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